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Blake Gopnik | NY Times Review of The History Of Hand Knitting

Link: NY Times, What to See

So much of our suffering is caused by male aggression. (How many victims of war have been killed by women?) but for all the horror of that violence, there’s often something oafish about it, if only because of the boundless stupidity it represents

This two-woman show captures some of masculinity’s toxic idiocy.

An untitled installation by Nicole Eisenan presents 20 “Clubs” leaning against the wall. Each is just a length of scrap wood with a dumb blob of plaster at its top, as though its maker was either too lazy or too dimwitted to perfect his weapons beyond the minimum needed to bash a head. Nearby, also in plaster, a three fingered blob of a hand sits on the floor, ready to grab at its clubs at the sightest provocation I”You callin’ME a blob of a hand?!)

A blob of a head, about three feet tall and painted blue, looks on dimly from a pedestal, as though helpless to govern its own hand.

Rosemarie trockel contributes quite different pieces to the show, but they nit similar notes. Back in 1984, she began to order up machine-knit balaclavas, like a terrorist or a paramilitary fighter might wear. But instead of being bad-guy black, they had “girlish”patterns knit into them. My favorite covers its wearer’s face in plus and minus signs, like the love charms worn by Frenchwomen that stand for “more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” It’s not clear if Trockel’s pattern counters the balaclava’s associations with masculine threat, or if instead of pointing to a love that’s bound to increase, it lets its wearer proclaim a hatred that’s always on the rise. – BLAKE GOPNIK

Leo Koenig Inc. is now open and welcoming visitors Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm and by appointment

Leo Koenig Inc. “GETS UP”

Like the rest of New York City, Leo Koenig Inc. is in the process of “GETTING UP” after over a year of being tested in so many ways.

With this as our current motto, Leo Koenig Inc. will be open additional hours. We are now open Tuesday-Fridays 11am-6pm, and guests can visit during this time without an appointment while we monitor the progress of all protocols.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce an addition to our core staff by welcoming Lara Abouhamad as Director. Abouhamad worked at Christie’s New York for several years in both the Impressionist & Modern Art and Post-War & Contemporary Art departments. She holds a BA in Art History from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Looking ahead, we happily anticipate welcoming more visitors to the Gallery for our current exhibition “Chambre du Brésil” with works by LeCorbusier and Charlotte Perriand and On Kawara which is on view until. July 9, 2021.

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Century Pictures participates in EXPO CHICAGO 2018, presenting works by Bernd & Hilla Becher, Joseph Beuys, Hanne Darboven, Peter Dreher, Nicole Eisenman, Hans-Peter Feldmann, On Kawara, and Niele Toroni.

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SEPTEMBER 27-30, 2018

Art Düsseldorf 2017

Century Pictures participates in Art Düsseldorf 2017

11/16-11/19 | Booth G11