Gelitin is Getting it All Wrong Again


September 11, 2001 – October 31, 2001 359 Broadway
Artwork in gallery

Press Release

Leo Koenig Inc. is pleased to welcome Gelatin to the gallery for the month of September/October. Please join us for the opening on September 11, 6-8pm.

Gelatin is getting it all wrong again.

Even after the experience of having totally failed with their invisible appearance at the current Venice Biennale, Gelatin are still not able to fix up a proper show. But you can wander through futkanister, sit by the waterfall with wannabe intellectuals looking at polish carpenters, and listen to bearded ladies telling you how to live art. And if you come back another day, everything seems to look different.

But the Habitat Tour 2001 should be seen as more of a place to be than as a place to look at art. Gelatin’s shameless behavior and the surroundings they create allow you to leave the place your living and enter a cute little space under floorboards and in sinuses, in capillaries, in little cracks and folds the size of a whole universe. Being there just more than a moment sets off a movement that rises in your nerve fibers through the spinal column into the backyard of your jellybrains and slides down to your belly releasing extreme energy. It is the energy of intense embarrassment such as you might feel when you watch a movie with your favorite star and every moment he is so naïve and every action he takes leads into catastrophe, or when you take your friends to see something you love and they are not impressed.

Come and be with Gelatin at Leo Koenig Inc. 1 & 2 on 359 Broadway the hard way and experience love, beauty and embarrassment. Bring your friends, they might like it.

Lectures (including audience participation) spoken and performed by Gelatin every Thursday until October 11 at 8:00 pm.