Easy Times

Aidas Bareikis

February 21, 2008 – March 21, 2008 545 West 23rd Street
large textural sculpture in gallery
large textural sculpture in gallery

Press Release

Leo Koenig Inc. in pleased to open the second act of the solo exhibition of new work by Aidas Bareikis. This exhibition “Easy Times” is a re-interpretation of the artist’s installation at the Athen’s Biennial. With “Easy Times,” Bareikis continues his rumination on the excruciating costs of sustaining the world’s leisure class.

In many ways this installation is one of gesture and negation. The artist regards his work as not involving strategies of deconstruction or post modernism. Bareikis utilizes spontaneity and inherently tempers it with a moral stance in order to underline the premise that there is no compromise with the indictment of history.

Humanity’s struggle with its history as it leaps into the future has always been a pervasive aspect of Bareikis’s work. His process begins with impulse and a necessity to approach issues and observations that are uncomfortable, yet ubiquitous. Imbued with a feeling of haphazard cruelty, his installations are amazingly intricate and obsessive, often incorporating a tableaux of decaying grandeur. It is this dichotomy that the artist relies upon to communicate the inadequacies of contemporary existence, relating perhaps, that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Aidas Bareikis has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. Most recently his work has been seen in “Destroy Athens,” the Athens Biennial of Contemporary Art, “Fancy Meetings,” Locust Projects, Miami Fl., “When Humour Becomes Painful” at the Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland. He lives and works in NYC.